Coestan's objective is that the quality of the products and services offered are a faithful reflection of the expectations of each order, ensuring the maximum satisfaction and reliance of our customers.

To fulfill this commitment, we declare, assume and actively work to obey the following principles:

  • We are committed to high quality products of European and North American origin of recognized international prestige.
  • Our management system is in a constant process of improvement to guarantee the efficiency of our processes and has been audited in accordance with the requirements of the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015
  • All of our products comply with the required international certifications. Coestan offers, free of charge, 2.1 certificates.
  • The final quality of the product delivered to the customer is the result of planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement throughout the entire product cycle.
  • The contractual requirements, demands and expectations of our customers are the main criteria to guide and advise the implementation of our products and services.
  • The contractual requirements, demands and expectations must be translated objectively, with specifications that will be made available to the production centers in a complete and timely manner.
  • Respond to the needs of our customers in the event that they request a new product, through special manufacturing according to blueprints or samples of the required gaskets.
  • Improve and constantly update this policy so that it serves its mission as effectively as possible and provides a work frame of reference for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.