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Conjuntos Dieléctricos - Kits de Aislamiento Dieléctricos

When a pipeline system and flanges need a corrosion and cathodic protection, the solution is the installation of an insulating gasket set, also called dielectrics kits. This product prevents metal to metal contact, stopping the static current. Insulating Gasket Kits provide an effective seal and are designed to maintain the integrity and reliability of the system. Made of high dielectric constant materials and low water absorption properties, the Insulating Gasket Sets are formed by a central gasket, sleeves to protect bolts, iron and phenolic washers. The most common materials are celotex, bakelite, phenolic material, G-10 or Mylar; determining one or the other depends on the working conditions that has to endure the whole set.

Coestan manufactures Insulating Gasket Kits according to DIN or ASA standards. We specialize in large flange dimensions up to DN 1800. We also adapt to the requirements of our customers.

Insulating Gasket Kits are divided into the following types:

  • Type F or Raised Face: the outer diameter of the central gasket reaches the inner boundary of the bolts.
  • Type E or Full Face: the central gasket covers the entire face of the flange, preventing the risk of internal short circuit.
  • Type D or RTJ: same system as the previous two, specially designed for RTJ flanges.

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