Metallic gaskets

Juntas metálicas

Within the family of metallic gaskets, flat gaskets can be found in materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper or iron. But we want to emphasize the high performance of kamprofile gaskets or grooved gaskets. It is a metal core having a grooved profile machining. The metallic core is coated on both sides of a flat gasket of soft material, either graphite or PTFE, tightly pressed into the slots triaxially. Thus a thin layer between the tips of the profile is created across the sealing face.

Kamprofile joints are used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, to ensure the sealing in high temperatures and pressures applications. The charge stability of these gaskets is significantly higher than the flat gaskets without asbestos. The core is made of slightly convex profile, which makes the peak sealing point in the middle of the contact surface. Due to the characteristics of the gasket, this product fits perfectly into the roughness of the flange face and its irregularities. There are 3 profiles for this type of gaskets:

  • B27A without centering ring, especially suitable for tongue and groove connection flanges.
  • B29A with centering ring that helps to fit the right position of the gaskets between bolts.
  • B25A with removable centering ring and retrievable for another gasket. Reduces replacement costs of these products, particularly suitable for larger dimensions.

The main advantages of kamprofile or grooved gaskets are the ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures and varied, depending on the selected materials can withstand up to 1000 ° C; are suitable for light and heavy flange designs, less sensitive to faults assembly.