• RTJ gaskets

  • Octagonal: For new flanges that do not require more than the minimum sealing point.
  • Oval: When the flanges have suffered wear and ensure tightness need more points.
  • RX: gaskets designed for pressures up to 700 bar, self-sealing using a pressure effect without tension, factor that improves the efficiency of gasket as the pressure increases.
  • BX: BX-specific RTJ flanges for pressures up to 1500 bar. The BX ring has a horizontal hole which acts as pressure equalizer.

Coestan has an emergency department up to 24 hours or scheduled deliveries at very competitive prices. The usual delivery time is 1 week. RTJ gaskets are manufactured according to API 6A and ASME B16.20-standards and are classified with a number, depending on the size and pressure must endure.

Standard materials hardness

MaterialDesignationHardness max. Brinell HB
Soft Iron D 90
Low Carbon Steel S 120
4-6 Chrome F5 130
SS304 S304 160
SS316 S316 160
SS347 S347 160
SS410 S410 170